AZX Meltblown Material Special Batching System

AZX Meltblown Material Special Batching System


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Recently, export anti epidemic materials, including mаsk‎‎s; havebeen frequently exposed to quality problems. The constant negative newscast ashadow over the mask‎‎ export. The mask‎‎ market is full of chaos, which hasalso attracted the attention of the regulatory authorities. On March 30, theMinistry of Commerce said it would strengthen the quality management of medicalmaterials with relevant departments, strictly control the quality and maintainthe export order.

The standard of mаsk‎‎ is becoming more and more standard. Theproduction of qualified mask becomes the pass of this industry. In addition tothe production specifications, process standards and strict control of producttesting standards, the quality of raw materials, especially the quality of meltblown materials known, as the heart of the mаsk‎‎, has become one of the keyfactors affecting the quality of the mаsk‎‎. Therefore, high standard rawmaterial production equipment is particularly important.

AZX meltblown material special batching system, with highprecision, high stability batching performance, including dump station, vacuumloader, pneumatic conveying, loss in weight feeder, extrusion, pelletizer andother meltblown material production line equipment. AZX has rich experience inthe field of loss in weight feeding filed, which can effectively and accuratelycontrol the proportion of various materials in the formula, especially the useof small proportion of free radical initiator, lubricant, antioxidant, compoundtransparent nucleating agent, etc., to ensure the performance of the finalproduct.

Since the resumption of work, AZX has received a surge in ordersfor melt blown materials production line, 3-4 times the same period last year.The order quantity is large, the delivery time is tight, and the productiondepartment faces the huge challenge. The general production planneruse theoptimized arrangement and the purchasing department negotiate with thesuppliers in many ways to ensure the supply and greatly improve the responsespeed. The company is working overtime to catch up with the production lineorders.