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Meltblownnon-woven fabric is one of the fastest-growing non-woven fabrics. It is knownabroad as the shortest-flow polymer one-step production process.

Melt-blownmethod is a method of direct polymer web forming. It is a method of extruding apolymer melt extruded by a screw extruder to extrude the melt stream by extremehigh-speed and high-temperature airflow or other means. Very fine fibers areformed, and then gathered on a web forming drum or screen curtain to form aweb. Finally, they are reinforced by self-adhesion to produce a meltblown fibernon-woven fabric.

BlowMelt Nozzle 

Theequipment has reasonable design, superior performance, uniform networkformation and complete specifications. The width of meltblown non-wovenequipment is 1.6 meters, 2.4 meters, 3.2 meters; the width, die, and nozzle ofmeltblown non-woven equipment are divided into domestic and foreign versions, whichcan be customized according to customer requirements. Version. The company hasthe right to self-import and export of meltblown non- woven equipment, andrelying on high-end equipment and superb technology to provide one- stopservices such as equipment installation, commissioning and training, enjoys ahigh reputation at home and abroad.
entire meltblown equipment consists of the host, heating system, lubricationsystem,  hydraulic system, meltblown spinneret, cooling system, electricalcontrol system, high-pressure fan, network system, electrostatic electret, etc.
The main machine is mainly composed of feeding system, screw extruder,filtering device, metering pump, melt-blowing die assembly, receiving deviceand winding mechanism. When producing meltblown nonwoven materials such aspolyester and polyamide, chip drying and pre-crystallization are also required.

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