How to Maintain the Spunbond Non-woven Machine?

How to Maintain the Spunbond Non-woven Machine?


The production of spunbond non-woven fabrics requires the operation of a spunbonded non-woven fabrics machine. This article will introduce how to maintain the spunbond nonwoven machine.

How to Maintain the Spunbond Non-woven Machine?
Frequent maintenance of the spun-bond nonwoven fabric machine can greatly reduce the occurrence of equipment failures and extend the service life of the machine. The following is the specific maintenance method of the spun-bond nonwoven machine.

(1) The raw materials are stacked neatly.

(2) Put maintenance tools and loose parts in the toolbox.

(3) Plastic turnover baskets are neatly stacked, and sanitary utensils are neatly placed in designated locations.

(4) It is strictly forbidden to place flammable products. Tools and auxiliary materials are strictly prohibited on the machine platform.

(5) Spare parts should be kept clean, oiled and rust-proof, and stored neatly in designated locations.
(6) The components of the whole equipment are in good condition.

 Spun-bond nonwoven machine cleaning

(1) Clean the product contact surface on the production line before starting the machine to be clean and free of debris.

(2) The appearance and surrounding site are clean and free of debris and oil.

(3) The back transmission room cleans the surface of the machine body, the straight gearbox, the differential motor, and the synchronous wheel.

(4) Clean the aisles on the outer surface of the machine platform, clean the underside of the machine platform, and clean the windowsill wall feet.

(5) The electronic control device should be kept clean and complete.

Spun-bond nonwoven fabric machine lubrication

(1) All cutters, cut rollers, and linoleum should be kept moist, and add lubricating oil in time.

(2) Check the lubrication condition of the chain and add lubricating oil to the insufficient ones.

(3) Check whether the main bearing is well lubricated and whether there is a high temperature or abnormal sound.

(4) Only use water and alcohol when scrubbing rubber parts, plastic parts, and painted parts.

Spun-bond nonwoven machine safety

(1) If abnormal noise occurs during the operation of the production line, stop the machine for adjustment in time.

(2) All belts and timing belts are in normal working condition.

(3) The inner and outer cutters are adjusted properly.

(4) Regularly inspect the operation status of electrical equipment.

(5) Inspect the working status of electric control cabinets, electric control components, motors, solenoid valves, etc. on the control panel at any time.

(6) Frequently observe the working conditions of each part and find abnormalities should be shut down for maintenance immediately.

(7) The whole machine has no failed parts. Non-woven equipment: The records are intact, clear, complete, and correct, and the relevant maintenance records are filled in on time.

The maintenance process of the spun-bond nonwoven machine needs to be more careful, otherwise, the machine is more prone to some problems. However, our spun-bond nonwoven fabric machines are of very high quality, and there are few failures in the process of producing spun-bond nonwoven fabrics.

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