Common Failure and Treatment of Meltblown Non-woven Machine

Common Failure and Treatment of Meltblown Non-woven Machine


When the melt-blown nonwoven fabric machine fails, we should deal with it in time. Here will introduce in detail the common faults and treatment methods of melt-blown non-woven machines.

Under normal circumstances, if the melt-blown cloth machine suddenly fails, the machine should be shut down immediately and do not continue to use it, because continuing to use the melt-blown cloth equipment will seriously damage the internal structure. The following are the common faults and treatment methods of melt-blown non-woven fabric machines.

1. The main motor makes an abnormal sound

The main motor bearing is damaged. A certain SCR in the SCR rectifier circuit of the main motor is damaged.

Replace the main motor bearing. Check the SCR rectifier circuit and replace the SCR components if necessary.

2. The head pressure is unstable

The speed of the main motor is uneven. Or the speed of the feeding motor is uneven, and the feeding amount fluctuates.

Check the main motor control system and the bearings of the melt-blown cloth equipment. Check the paper feeding system motor and control system.

3. The main motor cannot be started

The procedure is wrong. There is a problem with the main electric thread, whether the fuse is burned out.

Check the main motor circuit of the melt-blown fabric equipment. Check whether the lubricating oil pump has started, and check the status of the interlocking device associated with the main motor. If the inverter has not released the induced current, please turn off the main power supply and wait 5 minutes before starting. Check if the emergency button has been reset.

4. The host current is unstable

Uneven feeding, damaged or poor lubrication of the main motor bearing, failure of a certain part of the heater, no heating, wrong screw adjustment pad, component interference.

Check the feeder and troubleshoot. Check the main motor and replace the bearings if necessary. Check whether the heater is working properly, and replace the heater if necessary. Check the adjustment pad and pull out the screw to check if there is interference with the screw.

Many failures of the melt-blown non-woven fabric machine are caused by the wrong operation and use of the operator, so we need to pay attention to many things when operating and checking the melt-blown non-woven fabric machine. If you want to know more about the maintenance of melt-blown nonwoven fabric making machines after reading the above content, you can contact us for more information and solutions. At the same time, we also produce high-quality melt-blown nonwoven machines.

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