The Performance and Characteristics of Automated Spunbond Non-woven Equipment

The Performance and Characteristics of Automated Spunbond Non-woven Equipment


Automatic spunbond non-woven fabric equipment will be more efficient on the basis of ensuring product quality. This article will specifically introduce the performance and characteristics of automated spunbonded non-woven equipment.

the performance and characteristics of the automated spunbond non-woven equipment

If you want to achieve efficient production of spunbonded non-woven fabrics, it must be completed through automated mechanical equipment. Therefore, it is very important to use professional-grade automated spunbonded non-woven equipment. The following is a detailed introduction to the performance and characteristics of the automated spunbond non-woven equipment.

1. The professional-grade automated spunbond non-woven equipment has been optimized in structure and is relatively more compact. Automated spunbond non-woven equipment can integrate all the tools needed for non-woven processing into one piece of equipment to achieve unified coordination. Therefore, professional-level automated spunbond non-woven equipment is often not so large.

2. Stable operation is an important prerequisite for ensuring the output and quality of non-woven fabrics. Automatic spun-bonded non-woven equipment that can continuously maintain stable operation can unify the quality of non-woven products and achieve better product value. Spun fabric production plays a role in promoting.

3. The automatic spunbond non-woven fabric equipment adopts an aluminum profile frame as the main body, the structure is sturdy and durable, not easy to rust, and has a long service life. The installation and maintenance are relatively convenient. Therefore, automatic spunbonded non-woven fabric equipment is used. The experience is quite good.

4. Automated spunbond non-woven equipment adopts automatic control mode to realize rapid and batch production of non-woven fabrics. Therefore, it can greatly increase the output of non-woven fabrics while reducing labor costs and bringing more benefits to enterprises. 

5. The PLC programming control system of the automated spunbond non-woven equipment adopts a modular design idea. In the process of operation and debugging, when problems are found, only a certain module needs to be adjusted and modified, which greatly reduces the difficulty of operation And workload is the key element to realize automated operation.

Secondly, automated spunbond non-woven equipment also attaches great importance to the design of human-computer interaction pages. Automated spunbond non-woven equipment needs to involve a lot of processing procedures. If you are not familiar with the procedures, you can also refer to the interactive page of the PLC.

Among them, the operation data of the automated spunbond non-woven equipment has clear marks. For example, the changes in the communication data of the netting machine and the coiling machine can be clearly recorded in the system and captured by the operator. This operating system is also needed in the subsequent synchronization of the netting machine and the coiling machine. The system can control the tension parameters of the coil-burning machine, so as to adjust the tension of the non-woven fabric, which greatly reduces the workload and the error value.

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