The Structural Principle and Precautions of Meltblown Non-woven Production Line

The Structural Principle and Precautions of Meltblown Non-woven Production Line


If we want to use meltblown non-woven production lines reasonably, we must understand its various components. This article will specifically introduce the structural principles and precautions of the meltblown non-woven production line.

structural principles and precautions of the melt-blown non-woven fabric production line

When the melt-blown non-woven fabric production line fails, in order to quickly and accurately determine which component has the problem, we must understand the following structural principles and precautions of the melt-blown non-woven fabric production line.

Structure principle

The production process of the melt-blown non-woven fabric production line is a streamlined process. From the loading and unloading of the polymer material to the melting and extrusion of the material, it is calculated by the metering pump, and then a special nozzle module is used to spray out.

The high-speed hot air flow will rationalize the polymer coming out of the nozzle hole. Forming on rollers after cooling, and finally receiving and processing materials at the lower end. Any problem in any link may cause production interruption. Problems should be discovered in time and resolved in time.

The melt-blown nonwoven fabric production line includes a lot of single equipment, such as polymer feeding machine, screw extruder, pumping device, nozzle module, heating system, air compressor, and cooling system, receiving and winding device. These devices work alone and are under the joint command of plc and industrial computers to form a synchronous tension control system.


(1) Some mechanical problems are easy to find and solve. For example, if a certain transmission roller bearing is broken, it will make abnormal noises, and it is easy to find suitable accessories to replace. Or the reducer of the screw is broken, which will obviously cause speed fluctuations and make loud noises.

(2) However, if there are electrical problems, they are relatively hidden. For example, if a certain contact of the PLC is broken, it will cause the linkage to be abnormal. A certain drive optocoupler of the frequency converter is abnormal, which will cause the three-phase current of the motor to fluctuate severely or even stop. 

If the parameters on the winding tension are not matched well, it will cause the winding to be irregular. The leakage of a certain line will cause the entire production line to trip and fail to boot.

(3) If the touch glass of the touch screen is pressed too much or dust and grease run to the inner cable head, it may cause poor contact or aging of the touch panel, and eventually cause pressing failure or failure. This is a problem that needs to be dealt with in time.

(4) PLC is generally less broken, but it does not mean that it will not be broken. Compared with the above problems, it is simpler and faster to deal with. If the program is lost or the motherboard has a problem, the entire production line will be paralyzed. You need to find a professional in time. The company came to help solve it.

(5) The power used by the inverter and tension control system on this type of equipment is relatively large. If the site does not pay attention to cold cutting and dust removal, it is easy to stop during the production process due to high temperature and static electricity.

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