How to Solve the Problem of Blockage of the Melt Blown Die in the Melt Blown Non-woven Equipment?

How to Solve the Problem of Blockage of the Melt Blown Die in the Melt Blown Non-woven Equipment?


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How to Solve the Problem of Blockage of the Melt Blown Die in the Melt Blown Non-woven Equipment?
the eight main components of the meltblown non-woven fabric production line

The spinneret is the core component of the melt-blown non-woven equipment, and the mold has many spinneret holes for the melt to pass through. It is very important for the production and processing of products, and it is related to the production efficiency and quality of melt-blown cloth. The key to handling the blocked die is to clean all the blocked holes in the spinneret. The followings are methods of cleaning the blocked die head.

1. Vacuum calcination

Generally, the melting point of high polymer is below 300°C, so when the temperature is high, the high polymer melts. If the temperature rises further, the polymer will decompose. If the vacuum pump is turned on again, the decomposed gas can be sucked away, and the decomposed residue can be washed away by the spray water. The disadvantage of the vacuum calcination method is that it takes a long time and it is not clear when the pinhole carbon deposits are heavy.

2. Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is a commonly used method at present. Ultrasonic waves act in the liquid to make the liquid move and generate a large number of tiny bubbles. The tiny bubbles (cavitation nuclei) in the cleaning fluid vibrate under the action of the sound field.

When the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubbles increase rapidly and then suddenly close. When the bubble is closed, a shock wave is generated, generating thousands of atmospheric pressures around it, destroying insoluble dirt, and dispersing them in the cleaning liquid.

3. Dry ice cleaning

The dry ice cleaning method uses compressed air as the power and carrier and uses dry ice particles as the accelerated particles, which are sprayed onto the surface of the object to be cleaned by a special jet cleaning machine, using the momentum change, sublimation, melting and other energy of the high-speed moving solid dry ice particles.

The dirt, oil stains, residual impurities, etc. on the surface are quickly frozen, so as to condense, embrittle, and be stripped, and at the same time, it is removed with the airflow. The dry ice particles sublime upon impact, change from solid to gas, expand hundreds of times, and further generate impact force, so as to achieve a fast and efficient cleaning effect.

The biggest advantage of the dry ice cleaning method is its high efficiency. Other methods take more than ten hours, while the dry ice cleaning method can clean it in 2-3 hours. Moreover, it is easy to operate and can be operated on-site.

4. Inner hole abrasive flow polishing

Abrasive flow polishing is a new process developed in surface processing. The purpose of deburring, polishing, chamfering, and removing the recast layer is achieved by squeezing the semi-solid fluid abrasive to the surface of the workpiece to be processed.

The advantage of the abrasive flow process is that it has excellent performance, high efficiency, and good effect when processing internal holes and irregularly shaped workpieces. The spinneret is a precision metal small hole, deep hole, suitable for abrasive flow polishing technology.

We need to choose the above cleaning methods according to the meltblown non-woven equipment and specific conditions to prevent the meltblown die head from being cleaned in place. If you want to know more about meltblown non-woven fabric equipment after reading the above, you can get professional solutions by contacting us.

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