How to Properly Stop and Cool the Meltblown Nonwoven Machine?

How to Properly Stop and Cool the Meltblown Nonwoven Machine?


This article specifically shares the specific methods of stopping and cooling the meltblown nonwoven machine for your reference and learning.

How to Properly Stop and Cool the Meltblown Nonwoven Machine?
 three adjustment processes of the meltblown nonwoven production line

If the meltblown nonwoven fabric equipment has a problem during the stopping and cooling process, it may cause the equipment components to malfunction, and the equipment will not operate normally. Therefore, we need to follow these precautions during operation to better avoid equipment accidents.

When the system is scheduled to stop, first reduce the spinning pump speed to a state where it can maintain normal spinning, increase the DCD, move the spinning box (or net forming machine) to the "offline" position, and then proceed according to actual needs The following corresponding operations.

If the system is temporarily shut down, the system should continue to maintain the low-speed spinning state, or it can be considered to remain in the online position, but the net-forming machine should be kept in operation.

If the system needs to be shut down for a short period of time (such as several hours or longer), first close the feed valve of the screw extruder, and the system will continue spinning at a low pump speed, after all the melt in the system is discharged.

Terminate the operation of the spinning pump of the screw extruder, and the drafting fan and hot air system have to keep running at a low speed until the spinneret basically has no fiber ejected. After that, the temperature is lowered to 160-170°C to keep warm, and then the operation of other equipment is stopped.

This method is often used to stop the spinning unit when disassembling the spinning assembly, but the temperature is generally above 200°C. Before the spinning pump stops running, the drafting airflow must be kept in working condition. In the case of a short-term shutdown, this method can reduce the amount of polymer that is degraded in the system. When restarting, it is easier to heat up and can keep the spinning assembly in a more normal technical state and put it into operation again. If the downtime is not too long, just stop the spinning pump.

If the system is to terminate the production operation, it is necessary to close the valve of the screw extruder's feed port and operate it manually. After all the melt in the system is discharged, the operation of the spinning pump of the screw extruder is terminated, and the heating is cut off.

System power supply, cooling, and shutdown. When this method is used to stop the machine, the remaining melt in the system will be degraded (yellowed) or carbonized, which is easy to block the spinneret holes. Therefore, the spinning assembly is generally replaced when the production is resumed.

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