How to Replace the Spinning Components in the Meltblown Nonwoven Production Line?

How to Replace the Spinning Components in the Meltblown Nonwoven Production Line?


If you want to know the specific steps to replace spinning components in a meltblown nonwoven production line, you can find a lot of useful information in this article.

How to Replace the Spinning Components in the Meltblown Nonwoven Production Line?
 three adjustment processes of the meltblown nonwoven production line

Spinning components are important components in the melt-blown non-woven fabric production line. When the melt pressure in the box of the meltblown system is greater than 5MPa, or the spinning state becomes significantly worse, the CV value increases, and the product has obvious defects and cannot be improved, the spinning assembly must be replaced. The followings are the specific steps to replace the spinning assembly.

(1) Check and confirm that the temperature of each heating zone of the spinning box body is> 200 ℃, and the temperature is kept at least 60 minutes after reaching the set temperature.

(2) The drafting air system and the box are heated and heated synchronously. The system is in the minimum DCD state of the offline position, and the melt and waste wire collection tray are placed under the spinneret.

(3) Start the screw extruder and spinning pump on the console to perform the spinning operation until the remaining material is emptied, then the manual operation stops.

(4) Move the component installation cart directly under the spinning box and raise it to a height close to the spinneret component. After aligning with the component, directly raise it to tighten the component.

(5) According to the symmetrical method of upstream and downstream, remove the M12 jacking bolts on both sides of the bottom of the box in sequence. Note: It can be operated with gas or electric tools.

(6) After pulling out all the bolts, the installation cart is slightly lowered by 30-40mm, and then stop and observe. If the module can be steadily lowered with the installation cart, you can continue to operate and bring the module to the lowest position. If the module cannot follow the installation cart to stabilize if it descends, the operation can only be continued after troubleshooting, otherwise, safety accidents are prone to occur.

(7) The trolley transports the components to the hoisting wellhead. The components are lifted to the second floor with a high-rise crane, and then placed on the component transport truck and sent to the component cleaning room or directly hoisted to the component cleaning room.

(8) Install 4 lifting rings on both sides of the module, use the crane in the module cleaning room to turn the module over (with the wire exiting side facing up), remove the knife plate, and put the previous components of the knife plate into the calciner or other designated safe place, immediately clean up the knife board.

(9) Other work shall be carried out according to the component cleaning procedure.

(10) After the replacement of the spinning box is completed, a safety cordon shall be arranged around the lower part of the spinning box.

If there are obvious defects in the product, except for the problem of the raw material, it is necessary to carefully find out what problems are wrong with the components of the melt-blown non-woven fabric production line and repair them in time.

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