1600MM AZX-SMMSS PP Spunmelt Production Line
1600MM AZX-SMMSS PP Spunmelt Production Line
1600MM AZX-SMMSS PP Spunmelt Production Line
1600MM AZX-SMMSS PP Spunmelt Production Line
1600MM AZX-SMMSS PP Spunmelt Production Line
1600MM AZX-SMMSS PP Spunmelt Production Line

Item specifics

Spunbonded Nonwoven:
1.3 — 2.5 DAN
Fabric Width:
Consumption of Raw Materials:
Maximum Package Diameter:
Main material:
Polypropylene chip
Product Gram:
Machine Speed:
11t/Day(24h), calculated as 12g/ m2
Raw Material Main Index Requirements :
About Average Power Consumption:
1400-1800 KWH/Ton(Related with production width)



AZX-SSMMS  Five-Beam spunmelt nonwoven fabric making machine/line

Effective Width

Raw Materials

GSM Range

Max. Speed

Annual Capacity

Daily Capacity


Polypropylene (PP)












The configuration of machines could be CUSTOMIZED as your needs!

Spunbonded Nonwovens Mainly Applications

 Nonwoven Packaging Product

 Shopping bag, rice backaging, tea bag, clothes packaging, etc.

 Nonwoven Hygiene Product

 Baby and adult diapers: Top sheets, back sheets, ears, tapes, landing zone;
 Female hygiene: Top sheets, wings;
 Cleaning wipes: Baby care, cosmetics, etc.

 Nonwoven Medical Product

 Surgeon's Cap, surgeon's mask, disposable garments, surgical drapes, surgical sheet, shoe covers, etc.

 Nonwoven Technical Product

 Geotextiles: Erosion protection, filtration, reinforcement, drainage, separation layers, embankment fortification etc. for streets, dikes, and farms
 Structural engineering: Bitumen supports, roof Insulation-sheeting, diaphragms
 Agriculture: Crop forcing nonwovens, insect protection, etc.
 Automotive: Inner paneling, sound insulation, insulation, etc.

 Nonwoven Furniture Product

 Beds: Pocket springs, mattresses, cushions, bed covers, disposal bedding
 Seating: Upholstered backs, sub-paneling, intermediate layers, etc.

  Spunmelt Composite Nonwovens Mainly Applications

 Nonwoven Hygiene Product

 Baby and adult diapers

 Nonwoven Medical Product

 Surgeon's mask, surgical drapes, etc.

 Nonwoven Filtration Product 

 Gas, air, liquids (benzene, water, blood), etc.

 Work Protection Product

 Protective clothing, breathing masks

  Meltblown Nonwovens Mainly Applications

 Nonwoven Sanitary Product

 Baby and child hygiene
 Female hygiene
 Incontinence products
 Absorbing pads
 Functional inserts for controlled absorption


 Nonwoven Absorbents Product

 Absorbent cloths and wiping cloths
 Media for oil absorption
 Liquids (benzene, water, blood)


 Nonwoven Filtration Product

 Gas, air, liquids(benzene, water, blood), etc.


Q1: What’s your warranty policy?
A1: The Seller will guarantee the machine for 18 months since the date of shipment (that is leaving from Seller’s factory) or the seller will guarantee the machine for 12 months since the date of starting installation and adjustment, whichever comes first.

Q2: What’s your minimum order quantity?
A2: Min order quantity: 1 set or by negotiate with each other.

Q3: What package do you use for the product?
A3: Be Coated with anti-corrosion oil, and covered with plastic film, then packed in wooden box.

Q4: Do you have technical instruction if I buy your product?
A4: Please read the user manual carefully for your reference, we have detail instruction on it. If your problems still cannot be solved, welcome to contact us for help.

Q5: What is your overseas service?
A5: We will provide high quality overseas service, our technical staff will be able to provide you with technical support, for you personally to overseas assembly and test equipment.

Q6: Will you conduct training for our staff here?
A6: Yes, we will provide technology support to factory technology, training for the relative person.

Q7: What are your terms of payment?
A7: We accept T/T.

Q8: How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A8: Quality is priority. We always attach great importance to quality controlling from the beginning. And we have CE certificate.

Q9: How does your factory control the quality?
A9: We have the professional QC group inspect the details in each process. After finishing the goods, our QC will inspect piece by piece.

Q10: I am very satisfied after I read your FAQ, how can I start to purchase my order?
A10: Please click the “send” at the bottom of this page or contact our sales on Trade Mange online!

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